The day I started forming in your womb that’s when my life started,
I feel every move you make and desire to do just like you,
I try hard to take everything you consume to make it to the world,
I always remind you of my presence by a kick.

Though being in the womb is like a paradise I am ever restless,
I want to come out and challenge the world’s problems,
I believe that I am the solution of the ever impediments,
I wish you knew that too and take care of me.

It is unfortunate that I cannot decide whether I will make it to the world,
For I do not know whether I am a result of unwanted pregnancies,
But why do I have to pay for the mistakes that I did not commit?
I wish you knew the stress you cause Us the unborn infants.

Though you do not see Us it does not mean that we never feel pain,
Our stress starts immediately after conception since we never know whether we will make it to the ninth month,
Please consider our presence as a blessing rather than a burden,
For a president was once an infant like Us.

If you only knew the love we have for you in our small room,
Like myself I swear of bringing the paradise life into the real world,
I bet you would never regret the luxury,
For you kill us to avoid the hustle of our growing up.

Too bad we have no ways of telling you our thoughts,
I am sure you could never even think of aborting us,
Why can’t you give us a chance to show you what we can offer?
Or think of how we can succeed together rather than what you’ll suffer in our hands