She is standing outside the door,
With the hope of seeing her mom,
She knows that’s her best time,
She will eat what she loves most.

Two hours are over and her mom is yet,
She comforts herself the jam caught her up,
Another one passes without her appearance,
She shuts the door but her ears at it.

“It is nine night and mom is yet”,
“It will be wise to consult my neighbours”,
At her arrival her neighbours are yet too,
The children are crying for their parents.

The village is struck by silence,
Only the sounds of frogs and crickets hitting her ears,
That arouses her conscience that something is wrong,
She goes ahead and calls 999,

She is invited to a police station,
Only to receive what she wanted to hear last,
She confirms the bodies of her parents,
With their faces begging for mercy.

Not for long she recognizes the bodies of her neighbours,
“There was a blast”are the only words she can recall,
She later finds herself surrounded by a crowd,
With a haze she tries to recall what happened.

In one day she becomes an orphan,
The little children’s parents are not spared
The whole village is dominated by sorrow,
As the merciless terrorists celebrate the success of their mission.