In the year 2000 thats when I found my first job. This was after giving some good amount of cash to one of the executive in the company. In that case, my job position was a guarantee though I had to give some cash at every end month to retain the job. After two, months my financial status was not better than when I was jobless. I did not know that it was an enemy within.

I decided to quit the job even though I received a handsome payment. Given that now I have an experience in my line of profession, it was not hard to find another job. Three years later,a relative of the C.E.O completed her studies and needed a job. Too bad my position was the only one available for her. Here I am fired for no reason and she gets the job. Still not knowing that it was an enemy within.

I learnt a lesson and approached one of my relatives for a job in a goverment’s office. I happily worked there with alot of hardwork, just to please my employer since I was not eligible for the position. Some of my colleagues knew about it and they demanded for a silence payment which I did. The goverment comes in and fires all unqualified personels. You have guesed it right! I was the first one to be fired. After sometime, I realized that my life had not moved on a single step financially for seven years, despite being employed for all these years.

I decided to hold a meeting with myself. I reflected my past life and realized how I have wasted alot of money in corruption. I used alot of them to get and retain my first job. I wasted another bunch to buy silence to prevent my identity revelation. I lost my second job for an executive’s relative. Mm! Now I know my enemy of progress.

Corruption has robbed my joy. It is the cause of seperation with my family. My health has not been spared too, I developed stress related health complication. I am not too late to pull myself out of this enemy. I can get my old life if I avoid shortcuts. Corruption has cost alot to many, its our calling and duty to put it to grave.