Fifty years are over since our independence,
Our freedom is symbolized by the bills of rights,
It is the priority as forty articles are evident,
Addressing every being in the country.

The words in the bills are pleasant to every ear,
They describe the paradise one would wish to live in,
No corruption, impunity or any other form of injustice,
Everybody is somebody in the country as per the bills.

Children stands to enjoy parental love,
Harmful cultural rites have no chance in their lives,
Their health welfare has not been left unmentioned
Later the smile of a child comes to reality.

Women, old and disabled are not neglected too,
They have special rights to enjoy apart from the general ones,
Equity and equality are guaranteed in the bills,
It is a heaven indeed brought on earth to us.

Unfortunately it is easy written than done,
We who approved the bills are the first ones to break them,
Our freedom of movement is never free due to our tribal differences,
No tribe want ‘contamination’ in their ‘regional tribe’.

We subject our kids to purposeless cultural rites,
Beading, teeth removal and F.G.M are some but a few,
Forced labour and early marriages curtails their right to education,
Denying the kids the smile accorded by the bills.

Security is a major problem in the country,
Health and education are not a guarantee in some regions,
Good housing remains as a dream to some in the country,
This questions my life assurance as guaranteed by the bills.

My freedom of expression is in the bill but never functional,
Given that I am not in a higher position to demand an ear from legislators,
Accessibility of information may not be at a wish as stated by the bill,
As more investigation to scandals always ends incompletely.

The bills of rights are meant to guide the living style of beings,
Making their lives favorable as long as they are on earth,
Unfortunately they are just writings to be referred when there is a complaint and never implemented,
We are the ones to make the bills work by our actions.