I am proud to be born in Kenya,
I am proud to grow in Kenya,
I am proud to study in Kenya,
I am proud to be a Kenyan.

Take a look at the people,
They are all beautiful and wonderful,
Their black skin and white teeth grace them,
Hospitality is part of their life.

What about the sceneries!
Beautiful mountains surrounding the country,
Dryless rivers flowing with joy,
Falls never allows silence to strike the country.

Welcome to Kenya and see the beautiful animals,
Elephants, Lions, Rhinos, just but a few,
Flamingoes grace the great lake Nakuru,
You will find camel competition in the country.

Different tribes contribute differently to the country,
Kikuyu farming, Kalenjins running and not to leave Luos for fishing,
Enhancing our abundance in everything we need,
Making Kenya a harmonious place to live.

Thank God for the beautiful country,
He gave strength to our forefathers to fight for our freedom,
Although they are physically abscent in our midist,
We see their greatness daily in our lives.