They are attractive to every girl,
They are attractive to turn every other head,
And so did they attract me at a young age,
At two I cried all along.

They cover the long neck,
They decorates the whole arm,
Little did I know the motive behind them,
At nine I mature to have them.

No more going to school,
No more enjoying my childhood,
My roles changes to those of my mom’s,
Lo! I know their motive now.

I want to be a teacher,
My community is in need of me,
The words will remain only as a dream,
At fifteen I am a mother of four.

He is of the same age with my grandpa,
I am the seventh wife in his home,
The beads of fate have shattered my dreams,
At my twenty he marries the ninth wife.

She is just seven of age,
She cries all day for her mom,
At ten she becomes a mother to be,
Later she dies while trying to deliver.

The beads of fate shattered my life,
The beads of fate cut shot the life of a little girl,
Sadly they’ll  continue to kill many young girls,
With no one to command for their end.