I do not want to go through the cutting mom,
I heard you and dad talking of my going through it,
If you love me please do something about it,
The outcomes are too bad and painful.

I love you so much my daughter,
My wish is not to cause any pain on you,
But it hurts it is a rite of passage to every girl,
And your dad will kill me if I try to prevent it.

I understand the pain you have in your heart mom,
But you have to try and convince my dad,
Many girls have died from the operation,
I am afraid I am gonna die too.

I made it through my daughter,
I know you are as strong as I am,
Although the pain is too much to stand,
Please try to gather courage and do it.

I do not want to go through the pain mom,
The tools used are neither safe,
I have to break the norms by force,
My decision is final and I am not gonna do it.

My child, try to save our lives,
If you refuse we will be an outcast,
Your elder sisters made it through,
You are stronger than any of them.

What benefits will I get from the rite mom?
Only my heart will suffer from the pain,
I will be subjected to forced marriage,
And there will be no more going to school.

True, there are no benefits from it my daughter,
In fact, I also tried to oppose the rite against girls,
But when I was threatened to be excommunicated,
I had no choice but to accept the tradition.

This is the opportunity to fight it mom,
We are lucky to have government support,
Furthermore, we will be losing nothing,
Instead we will be saving the lives of the young girls who want to learn.

I see the point my daughter,
I am ready to join you through the journey,
Many girls’ lives have been lost in the action,
And we gonna fight this together.

Thank you mom for your understanding,
I know you have made a painful decision,
But think of girls who shed tears every day,
With no one to wipe them at all.

Together we will fight Female Genital Mutilation,
Every child has a right to freedom of purposeless agony,
We say no to norms and traditions that inflict pain to a girl child,
And together we live in a happy society.