Ten years ago I knew no internet,
Books were my only means to keep me busy,
Reading was like a calling to me,
I sometimes referred myself as a book-holic.

Dictionary was on my right hand always,
Perusing for new words was such a fun game,
A pen was always fixed in between my right hand fingers,
Marking new words to show off to friends.

I was so fit to stand on my head,
Moving on hands was such a fun thing,
Though racing was not my thing but tried,
I enjoyed every other outdoor activity.

My first phone was so analogue,
I used it only for calling, texting and snake game,
I no longer spent time on reading as before,
I made the longest snake `you know the game`

Thank God I upgraded to a phone with google app,
No more carrying the huge dictionary and novels,
So excited I searched any other information now and then,
Mark you the phone was so friendly on data consumption.

Here comes the smart phone with an android app,
No more talking to people ever busy on phone,
Sometimes I actually forget that I exist,
WiFi lack is like denying me right to life.

When shopping I am just thinking on what’s trending,
Half running not to be left on gossip list,
My bed misses me till 3.00am and I am reluctant to sleep,
Too lazy to wake up for my morning chores.

Walking long distances is my nightmare,
Obesity is my thing nowadays,
I seldom knows whats the weather outside,
I want to touch my phone every single moment.

My life was so fun with no net,
I knew what’s  love as I interacted with friends,
Look! Internet has taken me to my own exile,
I hardly now know most of my family members.