At five I am shivering waiting for a bus,
Being late should be the last thing to do,
Security officers salutes me for my early arrival,
I relax before the endless commands start at twelve.

I have to ensure yesterday’s unfinished work by the bosses is done by their arrival,
Otherwise I will depart the place at ten  night,
“You should learn to work under pressure to be marketable”,
Are some of the reasons I am given for my overwork.

“Grace, take these papers and do the photocopies”,
“Grace, I need a report on an event that happened last week”,
“Grace, I need a speech to present on A.G.M next week”,
Everyone is demanding for my services in the firm.

They sit behind their desktops chatting all day long,
I pant the whole day in order to finish their work,
They get promotions for my hard work,
Their pockets get bigger as I go home with nothing.

Here comes the moment of best performing departments,
They are the first ones to be awarded,
They smile at me as they match forward for their gifts,
But so proud of my work and salute myself for the achievements.