I wake up before  crack of  dawn,
With a hoe and a panga I wipe off the mist,
Five kilometers I trek to the destiny,
Two hours after I reach to the destiny.

The cows starts mooing for they know my hands,
The milk brokers marvels at my presence,
The milk is weighed and they smile for the luck,
I set my journey for the next duties.

I get into kitchen and the tea pots glitters with joy,
Their stomachs will be full in maximum of two minutes,
The tables glooms for they know their sources of dirty,
I have to shake the boss for the breakfast.

The compound knows my presence is its beauty,
The flowerbeds knows their thirst will be quenched,
The fences knows the foundation will be strengthened,
And the trees are assured of winning their competition with grass.

Then seven is at hand I set my journey to the shamba,
Crops raises their leaves for they know their peace will be restored,
They gloom at six for they will wait till tomorrow,
I set my journey for the next duties.

The cows, goats, and poultry jumps with joy,
Finally their servant has remembered them,
The milk brokers are eagerly waiting for their wealth,
And the hotpots know their stomachs will be full.

It is time to go back to my family,
My children’s eyes are sinking of hunger,
At eleven we greedily share the little meal,
Later we go to bed with the hope of eating same time, same amount of meal.

I am tired of five kilometer journey,
I am tired of starving my family,
But what will I do to feed the family of my own?
It is truly a life of poverty.