I went to one of the best Universities in the world,
I graduated with the first class honours degree in my school,
I did not even look for a job instead it found me,
That is a thing to be celebrated by anyone it happens to.

I was recognized at my work place for my hard work,
I got a promotion at a higher rank position,
I received the highest payment in the company,
Every big company was fighting to have me.

My boss was never happy with my success,
He accused me of involving in unethical activities,
The management being in Africa accepted the bribe,
My integrity and professionalism were put into question.

The career I built in a span of seven years was in danger,
Within a span of two years I lost it,
The agony is too much to bear,
Anyhow I need to move on with life.

My husband who claimed to love me left,
I could no longer secure a job for my CV had been tarnished,
Here with two kids I am left confused,
Anyhow I need to move on with life.

My children need to be fed,
I need to make money in order to live,
I had no option but join the famous K. Street,
Where I get quick money with “less” effort.

I am known all over the town,
K. Street is my work place I have to go daily,
I am living but do not love the job,
Next time listen before you judge my actions.