A child is always ready to learn,
Full of questions of curiosity in the mouth,
“Why are you doing it and you said it is wrong”?
Expects the words to be proportional with the actions.

A child believes everything good is his,
Priority and attention should be a guarantee to him,
“Why do you have to work and leave me at home”?
Not understanding that that is why he enjoys life.

My dad is the strongest man in the world,
He feels secure whenever around him,
“My dad will kill you when you beat me up”,
He boasts to his friends whenever in danger.

A child knows no lack from his  parents,
“Mom buy me this and that”, when doing shopping,
“I saw a lot of money in your bag yesterday”,
Tells the mother when she complains of cash shortage.

“Mom, please buy many children so we can be playing together”,
Only thinks of how to perfect his leisure,
“I will invite all my schoolmates for my birthday”,
Generosity is part of his personality.

“I am going to report you to my dad”,
Says whenever wronged by the colleagues,
“Let’s go and play I have the ball with me”,
Never keep grudges at heart.

“I am the one doing the dishes today”,
Always willing to help,
Cries when told to rest,
Feels offended when denied his request.

Let’s hold our hands and make a big circle”
Never cares of tribal differences,
Enjoying the game is his only goal,
Always ready to mingle with colleagues.