You introduced me to adulthood at a young age,
I did not know what was right or wrong,
I thought it was a part of activities for every child,
Though I was crying all along.

Whenever you wanted it you brought me gifts,
Sweets, biscuits, chocolates were normal to me,
Freely you did it as I toiled for the agony,
Later I enjoyed the gifts and forgot the pain.

At eight I started enjoying it,
I even came looking for you with the thirst,
Foolishly I dragged myself to now the routine activity,
Though I was crying all along.

You told me that it was a secret between us,
Neither mom nor siblings should know about it,
There my conscious were aroused the activity was wrong
Though the gifts were too good to buy you my silence.

Luckily my mom was quick to read the torment on my face,
Though she had to use every trick before I could break the secret,
I innocently narrated the story of since a toddler,
I remember her bursting into scream and tears.

At hospital I was pronounced severely injured,
My uterus will never function after the damage,
Infections were never left unmentioned,
Later the uterus had to be removed.

I cannot support a child in my womb,
A woman without a child is useless in my society,
I am a laughing stock in my village,
Though the scar will not heal I erase the grudge for my peace’ sake.