Your work is to stay at home and watch over our kids,
Make sure they are healthy and safe,
Wash our clothes to keep us clean,
Prepare us delicious meals to enjoy,
For you can not keep up with what we men do.

I disagree with you that I should just stay at home and do all what you have said,
I may not have the strength to lift heavy loads but use my mouth to  command,
I may not need the strength to do the heavy duties but have the wisdom to work them out,
And since the government has created a lot of opportunities for our growth,
I refuse to sit on my potential and choose to exploit it.

If you divide your attention who will watch over our kids?
Who will make sure they are healthy and safe?
Who will wash our clothes and keep us clean?
Who will prepare us delicious meals that makes us happy?
That is why you should stay at home.

I really love my kids and the family as a whole,
But other people also need to benefit from my best of me,
I promise never to separate myself from what is already part of me,
I will always be there to love and guide my children,
But my home staying will permanently shut the doors of those whom I hold their keys.

But our kids are always happy when around their mother,
They always speak of you whenever they speak of their parents,
Praises you of how good and loving you are,
They even asked me why they have to use my name and not yours,
Your divided attention might really break their hearts.

If we watch over our kids together they will have round parental love,
They will get to know you as  their father, protector and mentor,
They will start to tell of your stories and praise you as well,
They will see the necessity and pride of using your name,
Moreover, two are better than one.

You are so right my wife!
If I spend more time with our kids they will learn to love me,
My mind will be occupied to think of my work pressure,
I will get to know my family better,
In addition, for once, I will be able to use my strength on my family,
And that’s why we are going to share our family’s responsibilities.

Surely a woman is not weak and we are not equal,
She is so wise to know what  her priorities are,
She fetches love to herself from those matters to her most,
And that’s why she’s always happy and able to perform all her duties perfectly.
Now it’s my turn to surround myself with love.

I have been viewing women as weaker than men,
It’s so sad that us men are so busy to get money and forget that our families needs us,
We claim to have more power than women but they are far way over us,
We are only powerful in filling our pockets but so weak inside us.

I need to be sure that my kids will be able to know me as their father, mentor and protector,
I need to be sure that no matter how I may  be stressed at work my kids will be there to tickle me,
I need to know my kids will be proud while speaking of their father,
And that is why I choose to set much more  time aside for my family,
Then maybe I will be closer equal to her.