My legs are free but cannot walk,
My hands are free but cannot touch,
My eyes are open but cannot see,
This is a mystical exile.

I try to speak but there are no words,
I try to think but cannot reason,
I try to listen but cannot hear,
It is a mystical exile.

When I walk I lead to nowhere,
When I touch I cannot respond,
When I see I fall into pit,
Surely it is a mystical exile!

When there are words no one can hear,
When I reason it makes no sense,
When I hear I cannot make decisions,
Because it is a mystical exile.

Should I stop looking!
Should I stop walking!
Should I stop listening!
Should I stop thinking!
Should I stop touching!
Maybe then I will be free from the mystical exile.

I have tried to reason,
I have tried to make sense,
I have tried to respond,
I have tried to speak,
But still in mystical exile.

I will stop reasoning on people’s perspectives
I will stop thinking on how people will judge me,
I will stop making sense of what people say,
I will stop responding to people’s noises,
I will stop trying to fit in people’s lives,
Maybe then I will be free from the mystical exile.