At midnight I am awake thinking of my welfare,
In the morning am on a journey for my welfare,
In the day so tired but not ready to give up in life,
In the evening my pocket is full and I can smile.

You also spend your night awake thinking of your wealth,
In the morning you hurry to your office to watch your business running,
So tired in the day but your target is to raise your company’s market share,
In the evening you drive home happy that your business is thriving,

I gather cow dung and make a paste to smear my shelter,
I go for the best second hand clothing and bedding,
I make sure my hair and shoes are appealing,
After all I care about my appearance.

You award a contract for a mansion for your shelter,
Orders the best outfits from best designers worldwide,
You makes sure your hair style and shoes are up to the trend,
Always look attractive to turn every other head.

I am hungry and prepares my traditional meal,
I take a cup of tea and my hunger is gone,
Not for long my tummy demands for another meal,
I take at least three meals in a day.

You takes a flight to the best hotel in the world,
You are served with a complete meal and top it with dessert,
Not for long you orders for a snack,
You take at least three meals in a day.

I get sick and hunt for medical herbs,
So bitter but want to feel better,
Not for long I return to my normal health,
My health is always my top priority.

You often visit high standard health care centers for check ups,
Sometimes take painful injections and bitter medicines,
You recover and go back to your normal routine,
Being healthy is one of your top wish.

We all meet at our human nature point,
Which stand against our colours, lifestyle, creed, language to name a few,
So rich in it and always seeking to satisfy it,
Same wants but meet them in different ways and levels.

Let us be unified by our humanity,
And not let what before our eyes defy our unity strength,
Let our outside be the beauty of our differences,
And not be the reason of our inhumanity.