That’s the only place I can afford,
I just need a shelter for my family,
I have no power to negotiate my safety issues,
For my pocket leads me where to live.

You speak of balanced diet but all that I care about is a meal.
Something that can fill my kids’ tummies,
Balanced diet is meant for those who can make choices,
And I never choose but my pocket dictates.

I never care of how fitting my outfits are,
All I need is to cover my dignity,
As long I am free from cold weather,
What people says has no room in my ears,
For that’s  what my pocket offers.

You should never worry about my work place,
I neither care of how many hours I have to work,
Nor how safe the place is for my health,
What matters is that I will fill my pocket end day,
And the family will be proud to call me their father and husband.

If you have to blame, please blame my pocket,
I live where it leads me,
I eat what it offers me,
Put on what it offers me,
So if you have to blame, please blame my pocket.