I know I am bound by cultures,
My work is to look after cattle from rustlers,
And every morning fight lion cubs,
As I watch your cows chewing cud.

I watch kids going to school,
To me this is always cool,
But my father sees me as a fool,
When I tell him of my going to school.

In dark I am back to the tiny hut,
Half running with my cows my feet hurts,
So scared when I trace animal paws,
But father never cares of my hows.

With struggle I get into a tiny manyatta,
A shield from cold is all that matters,
It is never my father’s bother,
He says that’s our culture’s nature.

Studies are making people better,
Making their lives easier,
Leading their lives healthier,
Won’t stop without saying richer.

I need a bag, a book, and a pen,
Then, my mind will be sharpened,
Maybe I will bring change to my community,
And they will be able to explore their abilities.