Sometimes you are so kind to us,
You shower us with great harvest,
Beautiful sceneries appealing our eyes,
Huge and small animals graces the green land,
And insects all over enriches our soil.

We wake up every morning to breath the fresh air,
Listen to the singing birds in the trees,
Watch the tall trees joyfully dancing,
Not to forget the noisy water falls,
Denying us time to think of our problems.

We keep fit by climbing up high mountains,
Drink costless fresh waters from the ever flowing rivers,
Feels happy when we get to see our offspring,
And recover from diseases through the costless herbs.

However sometimes you are so harsh and mean to us,
Through terminal illnesses you cause pain and tears on us,
You take our loved ones from our midst,
And add deformities to our kind.

Natural calamities have become our lifestyle,
Earthquake, tsunami, just to name a few,
Not to forget drought and famine we often experience,
Havoc rains and wildfires meets us on our way.

We are grateful for the beauty before our eyes,
The bright smiles covers our faces often,
But sad for the ugliness befalling us nowadays,
Denying us time to enjoy your free beauty.