I thought that I would find you in education,
I joined high school and left with the best grade country wide,
Joined the best university and graduated with first class honors,
Did my masters, doctorate and PhD,
I am a young professor and I like it,
But you are not here with me.

I worked so hard and now I am filthy wealthy,
Nothing is so expensive for me to afford,
Tech firms makes gadgets with me in their mind,
I am always the first one to make orders for the latest gadgets,
But I have not found you in my luxurious life.

I vied for a higher position and automatically got it,
I receive proceedings while on my couch watching,
It only takes my command to make sure everything is smooth,
Not even the most powerful leaders world wide would fail on my orders,
Yet still you are so proud to be my even one minute  guest.

I am one of the most influential persons world wide,
Whomever in need of a wise advice finds me the only option,
I proudly disseminate my thoughts in over hundred languages,
Full of confidence  addresses most of world’s vital issues accurately,
They call me the peace master ironically I do not know you.

I was so sure I won’t miss you on this,
Traveled to all prestigious destinations world wide,
Made my mouth my servant by giving orders,
In a blink of an eye my wishes were fulfilled accurately,
But I was wrong you are not in any of these places.

I thought I would find you in drugs,
I have taken soft and hard drugs that I know of,
If you want a narration of jail life here I am,
Bad health and addiction are my life style now,
So sad you are not in this too.

Maybe just eating and drinking will lead me to you,
Ooh No! My face is just growing puffy,
Obesity is an under statement to hit my description,
Whoever sees me has has to turn his head for a second look,
The more I seek you the more I move from you.

Who are you anyway?
Do you even exist?
How do I know that you are there?
How can I attract you?
What do I do to make you stay with me?

Tell me who you are,
Tell me how I can know your presence,
Tell me what’s your habitat conditions,
Let me know where you live and I will come,
I know that I am used of being the boss,
But I am ready to be your servant PEACE.