I hate gambling with my life,
Though I always find myself doing it,
It has become one of my irresistible habits,
I always put my life on the table for survival.

I hate it when you quarrel in my presence,
You cannot imagine the sorrow that blankets my heart,
In tears am always caught in the middle,
As I pay for your every single carelessness act.

You always pretend to care of my welfare,
But all you do is to drain my happiness,
I live with my ears to the air at all times,
And my eyes all over for the signs.

You put on the fire with me in mind as your meal,
You know that am easy to catch so you are sure of your dish,
You tie a maize grain around a string here I come running after it,
In a blink of an eye your stomach is fully full.

You cut me bit by bit but I still come running after the grain,
I always have that hope that one day the string will be tied loose,
Now am almost losing all my body parts but still willing to gamble,
Though I always lose, wait for me for tomorrow I will still come for my shame share.

I guess I will live halfly and not wait for your grain to loosen,
I have been giving you the reason to get full out of me,
If I am to blame I will put it on my foolishness and desperation,
When you miss me you will value my presence in my presence.