My head is full,
It is full of comprehending your empty noises,
Every single day I struggle trying to stomach  your wordy words,
All alone I find myself gnashing teeth out of anger,
Wondering who will tell you how annoying you are.

My hands are full of blisters,
I throw objects all over all day long,
You stand at a distant watching me take the life of my colleague,
In the end I lose him for your hundred bob,
And am left hungry for no one is there to supply my stomachs demands.

My heart has become full,
Full that there is no room for more hatred,
You have filled it with darkness and nothing good in it,
Not even a good thing do I know of myself,
For you have transformed me to be an enemy of our kind.

My eyes have become hazy,
Hazy that when I look I see darkness before me,
You have taken my own sight from own self,
I see how you want me to see and not how I desire to see,
Riot, deaths, hunger, and desperate faces are the things before me,
Sometimes I just close my eyes and wish not to see again.

My ears hears no more,
You have been shouting all day with your empty words,
When I try to listen all I hear is screaming and yelling,
Hungry kids calling for their moms for their feeding programs,
Desperation noises hits through my ears every where I go.