Early in the morning I wake up looking for you,
Afraid of messing up I act with a lot of keenness,
When have achieved it I merry ‘cause am almost there,
Finally the praises come and mark you as my blue sky.

I try my best to enhance peace in my surroundings,
When people laugh my heart beat faster for joy,
I get restless and feel like offering more to keep them happy,
The day breaks great and marks you as my blue sky.

They approach me crying they are in need of help,
Sweating is not enough as long their problems are still there,
Odd hours are a bother to others but while at this am a no way,
They show me their dimples to mark you as my blue sky.

I get in the wrong side with the law and taken to court,
Full of regrets I undergo through the long process,
My reward is reached at and handed over to me,
Respecting the law receive it marking you as my blue sky.

In my breathe in nostrils begs to stay open for more fresh scent,
The birds make those beautiful songs which soothes my ears,
Animals keep  their heads bowed for their treasure of plenty meal,
And  my mouth has nothing to complain about marking you as my blue sky.