I cannot understand this sweet hurt,
I want to get over it but then the feeling is too sweet to let go,
The pain is so painful that it is causing tears of joy in my heart,
I feel so hurt but like it that way,
Should I let the pain take care of my joy!


Every time I think of moving from this pain sorrow takes over me,
I find it sweet to hurt in hurt than to merry in sweetness,
The moment I’m out of the pain my joy is gone,
I am so confused that I‘m finding my joy in my tears.


The hurt has cost me sleepless nights,
But still merry in its presence than being in dreamland,
I give it more room by keeping myself awake that I can feel it more,
The pain in it is so sweet to be driven away.


If I come out of the hurt it means that my joy is gone,
If I stay in the hurt I will hurt out of its pain,
I do not like shedding tears of joy out of pain,
But I like the joy in the hurt,
Am I really a slave of the sweet hurt!