I cannot comprehend your love,
It is so harsh but full of tenderness,
In it there is fear but full of courage,
It is so unclear but full of assurance
Your love is just your love.

Your love is jealous but so patient,
It causes me pain to heal me,
In it there is hunger so that it can fill,
It enslaves me to give me freedom,
Your love is beautiful than beauty itself.

Your love humbles me to lift me up,
It lifts mountains to level them for me,
In it there is destruction to make whole,
It creates confusion to bring clarity,
Your love is who You are.

In your love to melt I desire,
To completely die to be recreated ,
To be broken to be mended,
To shrink my pride for Your glory to rise,
To know nothing else apart from what Your love will offer,
As I live in Your love.

I have sought deep down my heart to explain the love,
Instead what I am left with is the desire to have words to put it true,
The more I seek them the more I miss them,
So with my light language I try to at least capture a whisper of Your love,
As I am inwardly crushed by it to restore the first me.