Early in the morning I wake up looking for you,
Afraid of messing up I act with a lot of keenness,
When have achieved it I merry ‘cause am almost there,
Finally the praises come and mark you as my blue sky.

I try my best to enhance peace in my surroundings,
When people laugh my heart beat faster for joy,
I get restless and feel like offering more to keep them happy,
The day breaks great and marks you as my blue sky.

They approach me crying they are in need of help,
Sweating is not enough as long their problems are still there,
Odd hours are a bother to others but while at this am a no way,
They show me their dimples to mark you as my blue sky.

I get in the wrong side with the law and taken to court,
Full of regrets I undergo through the long process,
My reward is reached at and handed over to me,
Respecting the law receive it marking you as my blue sky.

In my breathe in nostrils begs to stay open for more fresh scent,
The birds make those beautiful songs which soothes my ears,
Animals keep  their heads bowed for their treasure of plenty meal,
And  my mouth has nothing to complain about marking you as my blue sky.



My head is full,
It is full of comprehending your empty noises,
Every single day I struggle trying to stomach  your wordy words,
All alone I find myself gnashing teeth out of anger,
Wondering who will tell you how annoying you are.

My hands are full of blisters,
I throw objects all over all day long,
You stand at a distant watching me take the life of my colleague,
In the end I lose him for your hundred bob,
And am left hungry for no one is there to supply my stomachs demands.

My heart has become full,
Full that there is no room for more hatred,
You have filled it with darkness and nothing good in it,
Not even a good thing do I know of myself,
For you have transformed me to be an enemy of our kind.

My eyes have become hazy,
Hazy that when I look I see darkness before me,
You have taken my own sight from own self,
I see how you want me to see and not how I desire to see,
Riot, deaths, hunger, and desperate faces are the things before me,
Sometimes I just close my eyes and wish not to see again.

My ears hears no more,
You have been shouting all day with your empty words,
When I try to listen all I hear is screaming and yelling,
Hungry kids calling for their moms for their feeding programs,
Desperation noises hits through my ears every where I go.



I thought that I would find you in education,
I joined high school and left with the best grade country wide,
Joined the best university and graduated with first class honors,
Did my masters, doctorate and PhD,
I am a young professor and I like it,
But you are not here with me.

I worked so hard and now I am filthy wealthy,
Nothing is so expensive for me to afford,
Tech firms makes gadgets with me in their mind,
I am always the first one to make orders for the latest gadgets,
But I have not found you in my luxurious life.

I vied for a higher position and automatically got it,
I receive proceedings while on my couch watching,
It only takes my command to make sure everything is smooth,
Not even the most powerful leaders world wide would fail on my orders,
Yet still you are so proud to be my even one minute  guest.

I am one of the most influential persons world wide,
Whomever in need of a wise advice finds me the only option,
I proudly disseminate my thoughts in over hundred languages,
Full of confidence  addresses most of world’s vital issues accurately,
They call me the peace master ironically I do not know you.

I was so sure I won’t miss you on this,
Traveled to all prestigious destinations world wide,
Made my mouth my servant by giving orders,
In a blink of an eye my wishes were fulfilled accurately,
But I was wrong you are not in any of these places.

I thought I would find you in drugs,
I have taken soft and hard drugs that I know of,
If you want a narration of jail life here I am,
Bad health and addiction are my life style now,
So sad you are not in this too.

Maybe just eating and drinking will lead me to you,
Ooh No! My face is just growing puffy,
Obesity is an under statement to hit my description,
Whoever sees me has has to turn his head for a second look,
The more I seek you the more I move from you.

Who are you anyway?
Do you even exist?
How do I know that you are there?
How can I attract you?
What do I do to make you stay with me?

Tell me who you are,
Tell me how I can know your presence,
Tell me what’s your habitat conditions,
Let me know where you live and I will come,
I know that I am used of being the boss,
But I am ready to be your servant PEACE.


I hate gambling with my life,
Though I always find myself doing it,
It has become one of my irresistible habits,
I always put my life on the table for survival.

I hate it when you quarrel in my presence,
You cannot imagine the sorrow that blankets my heart,
In tears am always caught in the middle,
As I pay for your every single carelessness act.

You always pretend to care of my welfare,
But all you do is to drain my happiness,
I live with my ears to the air at all times,
And my eyes all over for the signs.

You put on the fire with me in mind as your meal,
You know that am easy to catch so you are sure of your dish,
You tie a maize grain around a string here I come running after it,
In a blink of an eye your stomach is fully full.

You cut me bit by bit but I still come running after the grain,
I always have that hope that one day the string will be tied loose,
Now am almost losing all my body parts but still willing to gamble,
Though I always lose, wait for me for tomorrow I will still come for my shame share.

I guess I will live halfly and not wait for your grain to loosen,
I have been giving you the reason to get full out of me,
If I am to blame I will put it on my foolishness and desperation,
When you miss me you will value my presence in my presence.



Sometimes you are so kind to us,
You shower us with great harvest,
Beautiful sceneries appealing our eyes,
Huge and small animals graces the green land,
And insects all over enriches our soil.

We wake up every morning to breath the fresh air,
Listen to the singing birds in the trees,
Watch the tall trees joyfully dancing,
Not to forget the noisy water falls,
Denying us time to think of our problems.

We keep fit by climbing up high mountains,
Drink costless fresh waters from the ever flowing rivers,
Feels happy when we get to see our offspring,
And recover from diseases through the costless herbs.

However sometimes you are so harsh and mean to us,
Through terminal illnesses you cause pain and tears on us,
You take our loved ones from our midst,
And add deformities to our kind.

Natural calamities have become our lifestyle,
Earthquake, tsunami, just to name a few,
Not to forget drought and famine we often experience,
Havoc rains and wildfires meets us on our way.

We are grateful for the beauty before our eyes,
The bright smiles covers our faces often,
But sad for the ugliness befalling us nowadays,
Denying us time to enjoy your free beauty.



I know I am bound by cultures,
My work is to look after cattle from rustlers,
And every morning fight lion cubs,
As I watch your cows chewing cud.

I watch kids going to school,
To me this is always cool,
But my father sees me as a fool,
When I tell him of my going to school.

In dark I am back to the tiny hut,
Half running with my cows my feet hurts,
So scared when I trace animal paws,
But father never cares of my hows.

With struggle I get into a tiny manyatta,
A shield from cold is all that matters,
It is never my father’s bother,
He says that’s our culture’s nature.

Studies are making people better,
Making their lives easier,
Leading their lives healthier,
Won’t stop without saying richer.

I need a bag, a book, and a pen,
Then, my mind will be sharpened,
Maybe I will bring change to my community,
And they will be able to explore their abilities.



That’s the only place I can afford,
I just need a shelter for my family,
I have no power to negotiate my safety issues,
For my pocket leads me where to live.

You speak of balanced diet but all that I care about is a meal.
Something that can fill my kids’ tummies,
Balanced diet is meant for those who can make choices,
And I never choose but my pocket dictates.

I never care of how fitting my outfits are,
All I need is to cover my dignity,
As long I am free from cold weather,
What people says has no room in my ears,
For that’s  what my pocket offers.

You should never worry about my work place,
I neither care of how many hours I have to work,
Nor how safe the place is for my health,
What matters is that I will fill my pocket end day,
And the family will be proud to call me their father and husband.

If you have to blame, please blame my pocket,
I live where it leads me,
I eat what it offers me,
Put on what it offers me,
So if you have to blame, please blame my pocket.



She is an African girl,
Her look symbolizes African beauty,
Her accent shows how she is proud to be an African,
Her dressing codes signifies her value to Africa,
Because she is an African girl.

Her skin never suffers the sun burns,
Her hair can be plaited in any form,
Her body figure stands out whenever she is,
Because she is an African girl.

She works so hard to avoid dependency,
She believes in herself in everything she does,
No wonder you will find her in every corner of the world,
Because she is an African girl.



It is a strong word to the ears,
Though it has been there for years,
To some it causes fears,
To some it brings cheers.

It has an important role to the social system,
Though it made Jeremiah cast in the cistern,
It brought Mandela a terminal sickness,
And has made some non-existence.

It has made countries to fight among themselves,
It is like ants and worms in the same shelve,
It has divided countries into halves,
The system is no more straight but curve.

Some has referred it as poly ticks,
Since politicians have no etiquette,
So they are seen as many ticks,
Whose intentions are to make people sick.



At midnight I am awake thinking of my welfare,
In the morning am on a journey for my welfare,
In the day so tired but not ready to give up in life,
In the evening my pocket is full and I can smile.

You also spend your night awake thinking of your wealth,
In the morning you hurry to your office to watch your business running,
So tired in the day but your target is to raise your company’s market share,
In the evening you drive home happy that your business is thriving,

I gather cow dung and make a paste to smear my shelter,
I go for the best second hand clothing and bedding,
I make sure my hair and shoes are appealing,
After all I care about my appearance.

You award a contract for a mansion for your shelter,
Orders the best outfits from best designers worldwide,
You makes sure your hair style and shoes are up to the trend,
Always look attractive to turn every other head.

I am hungry and prepares my traditional meal,
I take a cup of tea and my hunger is gone,
Not for long my tummy demands for another meal,
I take at least three meals in a day.

You takes a flight to the best hotel in the world,
You are served with a complete meal and top it with dessert,
Not for long you orders for a snack,
You take at least three meals in a day.

I get sick and hunt for medical herbs,
So bitter but want to feel better,
Not for long I return to my normal health,
My health is always my top priority.

You often visit high standard health care centers for check ups,
Sometimes take painful injections and bitter medicines,
You recover and go back to your normal routine,
Being healthy is one of your top wish.

We all meet at our human nature point,
Which stand against our colours, lifestyle, creed, language to name a few,
So rich in it and always seeking to satisfy it,
Same wants but meet them in different ways and levels.

Let us be unified by our humanity,
And not let what before our eyes defy our unity strength,
Let our outside be the beauty of our differences,
And not be the reason of our inhumanity.