I went to one of the best Universities in the world,
I graduated with the first class honours degree in my school,
I did not even look for a job instead it found me,
That is a thing to be celebrated by anyone it happens to.

I was recognized at my work place for my hard work,
I got a promotion at a higher rank position,
I received the highest payments in the company,
Every big company was fighting to have me.

My boss was never happy for my success,
He accused me of involving in unethical activities,
The management being in Africa accepted the bribe,
My integrity and professionalism were put into question.

The career I built in a span of seven years was in danger,
Within a span of two years I lost it,
The agony is too much to bear,
Anyhow I…

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You introduced me to adulthood at a young age,
I did not know what was right or wrong,
I thought it was a part of activity to every child,
Though I was crying all along.

Whenever you wanted it you brought me gifts,
Sweets, biscuits, chocolates were normal to me,
Freely you did it as I toiled for the agony,
Later I enjoyed the gifts and forgot the pain.

At eight I started enjoying it,
I even came looking for you with the thirst,
Foolishly I dragged myself to now the routine activity,
Though I was crying all along.

You told me that it was a secret between us,
Neither mom nor siblings should know about it,
There my conscious were aroused the activity was wrong
Though the gifts were too good to buy you my silence.

Luckily my mom was quick to read the torment…

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They are attractive to every girl,
They are attractive to turn every other head,
And so did they attract me at a young age,
At two I cried all along.

They cover the long neck,
They decorates the whole arm,
Little did I know the motive behind them,
At nine I mature to have them.

No more going to school,
No more enjoying my childhood,
My roles changes to those of my mom,
Lo! I know their motive now.

I want to be a teacher,
My community is need of me,
The words will remain only as a dream,
At fifteen I am a mother of four.

He is of the same age with my grandpa,
I am the seventh wife in his home,
The beads of fate have shattered my dreams,
At my twenty he marries the ninth wife.

She is just seven of age,

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I do not want to go through the cutting mom,
I heard you and dad talking of my going through it,
If you love me please do something about it,
The outcomes are too bad and painful.

I love you so much my daughter,
My wish is not to cause any pain to you,
But it hurts it is a rite of passage to every girl,
And your dad will kill me if I try to prevent it.

I understand the pain you have in your heart mom,
But you have to try and convince my dad,
Many girls have died from the operation,
I am afraid I am gonna die too.

I made it through my daughter,
I know you are as strong as I am,
Although the pain is too much to stand,
Please try to gather courage and do it.

I do not want…

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I cannot understand this sweet hurt,
I want to get over it but then the feeling is too sweet to let go,
The pain is so painful that it is causing tears of joy in my heart,
I feel so hurt but like it that way,
Should I let the pain take care of my joy!


Every time I think of moving from this pain sorrow takes over me,
I find it sweet to hurt than to hurt in sweetness,
The moment I’m out of the pain my joy is gone,
I am so confused that I‘m finding my joy in my tears.


The hurt has cost me sleepless nights,
But still merry in its presence than being in dreamland,
I give it more room by keeping myself awake that I can feel it more,
The pain in it is so sweet to be driven away.


If I come out of the hurt it means that my joy is gone,
If I stay in the hurt I will hurt out of its pain,
I do not like shedding tears of joy out of pain,
But I like the joy in the hurt,
Am I really a slave of the sweet hurt!


Early in the morning I wake up looking for you,
Afraid of messing up I act with a lot of keenness,
When have achieved it I merry ‘cause am almost there,
Finally the praises come and mark you as my blue sky.

I try my best to enhance peace in my surroundings,
When people laugh my heart beat faster for joy,
I get restless and feel like offering more to keep them happy,
The day breaks great and marks you as my blue sky.

They approach me crying they are in need of help,
Sweating is not enough as long their problems are still there,
Odd hours are a bother to others but while at this am a no way,
They show me their dimples to mark you as my blue sky.

I get in the wrong side with the law and taken to court,
Full of regrets I undergo through the long process,
My reward is reached at and handed over to me,
Respecting the law receive it marking you as my blue sky.

In my breathe in nostrils begs to stay open for more fresh scent,
The birds make those beautiful songs which soothes my ears,
Animals keep  their heads bowed for their treasure of plenty meal,
And  my mouth has nothing to complain about marking you as my blue sky.


My head is full,
It is full of comprehending your empty noises,
Every single day I struggle trying to stomach  your wordy words,
All alone I find myself gnashing teeth out of anger,
Wondering who will tell you how annoying you are.

My hands are full of blisters,
I throw objects all over all day long,
You stand at a distant watching me take the life of my colleague,
In the end I lose him for your hundred bob,
And am left hungry for no one is there to supply my stomachs demands.

My heart has become full,
Full that there is no room for more hatred,
You have filled it with darkness and nothing good in it,
Not even a good thing do I know of myself,
For you have transformed me to be an enemy of our kind.

My eyes have become hazy,
Hazy that when I look I see darkness before me,
You have taken my own sight from own self,
I see how you want me to see and not how I desire to see,
Riot, deaths, hunger, and desperate faces are the things before me,
Sometimes I just close my eyes and wish not to see again.

My ears hears no more,
You have been shouting all day with your empty words,
When I try to listen all I hear is screaming and yelling,
Hungry kids calling for their moms for their feeding programs,
Desperation noises hits through my ears every where I go.



I thought that I would find you in education,
I joined high school and left with the best grade country wide,
Joined the best university and graduated with first class honors,
Did my masters, doctorate and PhD,
I am a young professor and I like it,
But you are not here with me.

I worked so hard and now I am filthy wealthy,
Nothing is so expensive for me to afford,
Tech firms makes gadgets with me in their mind,
I am always the first one to make orders for the latest gadgets,
But I have not found you in my luxurious life.

I vied for a higher position and automatically got it,
I receive proceedings while on my couch watching,
It only takes my command to make sure everything is smooth,
Not even the most powerful leaders world wide would fail on my orders,
Yet still you are so proud to be my forever  guest.

I am one of the most influential persons world wide,
Whomever in need of a wise advice finds me the only option,
I proudly disseminate my thoughts in over hundred languages,
Full of confidence  addresses most of world’s vital issues accurately,
They call me the peace master ironically I do not know you.

I was so sure I won’t miss you on this,
Traveled to all prestigious destinations world wide,
Made my mouth my servant by giving orders,
In a blink of an eye my wishes were fulfilled accurately,
But I was wrong you are not in any of these places.

I thought I would find you in drugs,
I have taken soft and hard drugs that I know of,
If you want a narration of jail life here I am,
Bad health and addiction are my life style now,
So sad you are not in this too.

Maybe just eating and drinking will lead me to you,
Ooh No! My face is just growing puffy,
Obesity is an under statement to hit my description,
Whoever sees me has has to turn his head for a second look,
The more I seek you the more I move from you.

Who are you anyway?
Do you even exist?
How do I know that you are there?
How can I attract you?
What do I do to make you stay with me?

Tell me who you are,
Tell me how I can know your presence,
Tell me what’s your habitat conditions,
Let me know where you live and I will come.