Are there perfect words to capture love’s description? Is love a feeling? Desire? or Tangibility? May be we can know this by getting deeper into ourselves and hiding not a single thing in our hearts, and try to figure out not what we mean by love but how we could want love to be.
To me love is the strongest and most valuable term that I know of. Feelings changes depending with circumstances, desires dies once met, tangibility fades once out of our touch senses. This means none of the terms mentioned qualifies to describe love. This is ‘cause to me love is infinite, consistent, can be touched but not removable.

What does this mean?

Love has an end course. It always has an objective and never quits till this purpose is met. This end course is for the better of the candidate. It does not do things to please but to guard from unknown harm even if it means causing uneasiness to the candidate. It stays true to the course of end happiness of the candidate even when no sense can be made from present situations.
Love never gets bored, angry, or tired when the subject is repulsive. Although it’s for candidate’s betterness, it stays friendly and even show compassion. It is the greatest shepherd. It fights till it overcomes. When in love’s bosom there is no fear of disappointment, frustration, forsakenness, or any negativity.

It never entrusts anyone or anything with its subject. It takes full responsibility ‘cause its reason of existence is this candidate. It knows the subject from inside out, including the next untaken step or unthought thought. It gives itself fully to the candidate; its strength, eyes, ears… I mean everything it owns. Mark you, love has everything its candidate needs. This is ‘cause it has no other reason for its existence if it’s not for its subject. So, it fits perfectly to its candidate.
Love pursues till it has won the attention and accessibility of its subject. Remember it’s love, so it has to be loved in the end. It makes sure that after achieving this, when the subject looks back can only praise its perfection.

What does this mean?

We can only find our peace, joy, rest, trust, assurance, wealth, and all we need for completion at our love’s bosom. It is so definite that we cannot find our love in our fellow human beings ‘cause: they are still trying to figure out who they are and what to do in order to fit in society and environment, they are still learning to love themselves so they cannot offer what they already do not have, they change with circumstances, they live with what they can see, and lastly, they die.
It is also true to say that objects cannot be our love because they are finite.

This leaves Jesus Christ as our only choice of perfect love. He fits in every way. His only course is to take care of us, give life when dead, heal when sick, guide us when lost, be our strength when weak, and give us: rest, laughter, peace, joy, clarity, victory… in order to complete us. He knows us more than we know ourselves. He never entrusts anyone or anything with us not even ourselves. He gave up everything in heaven to come and die for us in order to have life that we lost through our rebelliousness.
If He starts pursuing you, you better give up early ‘cause you will never outdo Him. In the end, you will look back and praise His perfection and even acknowledge that nothing else could have saved and completed you apart from Him. You end up loving Him more and more.



Life is not a fantasy,
Reality is always open to our eyes but our minds so blocked to truth
You suffer the shutdown & try all not knowing that life is not a game.

They tell you to open your mind & be alert at all times but not even them are aware of what’s happening around them,
They give commands not having a glimpse of what they would do while at the same place.
Pressure is on you but since the mind is blocked you have no idea what is happening so can do nothing about it.

You take comfort on the unknown,
Stay engaged in your best hobbies to forget all but not for long you get back to find them all around you,
When you think that you are close to scoring, suddenly the mind opens and reality turns into truth.
That’s when you realize all your efforts to face reality are just fantasies.
Remembering that you have been the instructor of “What the Way Forward” discovers that you are trapped & know no what to do.


Instead of feeling angry and bitter you feel like you have just seen the light, freedom & have been empowered to live but have no idea what’s next,
You feel that you know what do however not out of fear or willingness but will not do it anyway,
You feel life is more sweet than before but do not know how and why.
You feel so lost and found in dark but in light,
Laughing so loud but crying so hard,
You are left with nothing but to embrace all you know is right.



I cannot comprehend your love,
It is so harsh but full of tenderness,
In it there is fear but full of courage,
It is so unclear but full of assurance
Your love is just your love.

Your love is jealous but so patient,
It causes me pain to heal me,
In it there is hunger so that it can fill,
It enslaves me to give me freedom,
Your love is beautiful than beauty itself.

Your love humbles me to lift me up,
It lifts mountains to level them for me,
In it there is destruction to make whole,
It creates confusion to bring clarity,
Your love is who You are.

In your love to melt I desire,
To completely die to be recreated ,
To be broken to be mended,
To shrink my pride for Your glory to rise,
To know nothing else apart from what Your love will offer,
As I live in Your love.

I have sought deep down my heart to explain the love,
Instead what I am left with is the desire to have words to put it true,
The more I seek them the more I miss them,
So with my light language I try to at least capture a whisper of Your love,
As I am inwardly crushed by it to restore the first me.




I went to one of the best Universities in the world,
I graduated with the first class honours degree in my school,
I did not even look for a job instead it found me,
That is a thing to be celebrated by anyone it happens to.

I was recognized at my work place for my hard work,
I got a promotion at a higher rank position,
I received the highest payments in the company,
Every big company was fighting to have me.

My boss was never happy for my success,
He accused me of involving in unethical activities,
The management being in Africa accepted the bribe,
My integrity and professionalism were put into question.

The career I built in a span of seven years was in danger,
Within a span of two years I lost it,
The agony is too much to bear,
Anyhow I…

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You introduced me to adulthood at a young age,
I did not know what was right or wrong,
I thought it was a part of activity to every child,
Though I was crying all along.

Whenever you wanted it you brought me gifts,
Sweets, biscuits, chocolates were normal to me,
Freely you did it as I toiled for the agony,
Later I enjoyed the gifts and forgot the pain.

At eight I started enjoying it,
I even came looking for you with the thirst,
Foolishly I dragged myself to now the routine activity,
Though I was crying all along.

You told me that it was a secret between us,
Neither mom nor siblings should know about it,
There my conscious were aroused the activity was wrong
Though the gifts were too good to buy you my silence.

Luckily my mom was quick to read the torment…

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They are attractive to every girl,
They are attractive to turn every other head,
And so did they attract me at a young age,
At two I cried all along.

They cover the long neck,
They decorates the whole arm,
Little did I know the motive behind them,
At nine I mature to have them.

No more going to school,
No more enjoying my childhood,
My roles changes to those of my mom,
Lo! I know their motive now.

I want to be a teacher,
My community is need of me,
The words will remain only as a dream,
At fifteen I am a mother of four.

He is of the same age with my grandpa,
I am the seventh wife in his home,
The beads of fate have shattered my dreams,
At my twenty he marries the ninth wife.

She is just seven of age,

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I do not want to go through the cutting mom,
I heard you and dad talking of my going through it,
If you love me please do something about it,
The outcomes are too bad and painful.

I love you so much my daughter,
My wish is not to cause any pain to you,
But it hurts it is a rite of passage to every girl,
And your dad will kill me if I try to prevent it.

I understand the pain you have in your heart mom,
But you have to try and convince my dad,
Many girls have died from the operation,
I am afraid I am gonna die too.

I made it through my daughter,
I know you are as strong as I am,
Although the pain is too much to stand,
Please try to gather courage and do it.

I do not want…

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I cannot understand this sweet hurt,
I want to get over it but then the feeling is too sweet to let go,
The pain is so painful that it is causing tears of joy in my heart,
I feel so hurt but like it that way,
Should I let the pain take care of my joy!


Every time I think of moving from this pain sorrow takes over me,
I find it sweet to hurt in hurt than to merry in sweetness,
The moment I’m out of the pain my joy is gone,
I am so confused that I‘m finding my joy in my tears.


The hurt has cost me sleepless nights,
But still merry in its presence than being in dreamland,
I give it more room by keeping myself awake that I can feel it more,
The pain in it is so sweet to be driven away.


If I come out of the hurt it means that my joy is gone,
If I stay in the hurt I will hurt out of its pain,
I do not like shedding tears of joy out of pain,
But I like the joy in the hurt,
Am I really a slave of the sweet hurt!